CEO Greetings
CEO Greetings

Our company started off in 1970 as a company that produces synthetic resin products. The company has developed into a company that produces high quality films for industrial use, farming use, and optical use through continuous research & development and facility investment.

By starting with wide film for farming in 1976, the company now produces film for outside and inside skin to cultivate under structure of special crops and multi-level extra wide films that are up to 16m wide. In 1994, the company was the first in developing new products and improving quality by signing technology development and research area agreement with Seoul National University (College of Agriculture Sciences) Moreover, the company contracted with Samsung Total Co., Ltd., to apply and commercialize new product production.

In 2008, the company established a research institute within the company and developed next generation functional film and industrial film for IT by relying on importation and multi-purpose products necessary for material industry.

Industrial film is acknowledged for its quality from Korea and overseas. The company introduced new equipment from Europe and Japan to produce various industrial films and protective films.

In 2011, the 2nd factory was built. Recent production equipment were brought from Europe and America to produce various types of optical films. The films are supplied to many large companies in Korea and abroad. The company makes exportation to China and Taiwan.


The growth and development of Samdong is the result of our customer’s appreciation, support, and encouragement. From now on, we will be developing and producing top-notch products with various use, and we will always fulfill endless challenge while considering our customers.


CEO  | Byungjo Jeong
CEO | Byungjo Jeong