About CI
About CI
CI (Corporate Identity)

SAMDONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD shows unified company image, business culture, future aspects, and strategies through CI for everyone.

Camel Mark Logo
· Oval and horizontal line that represents the earth we live in and five main continents.
· Camel, endless challenges with invincible entrepreneurship and surviving till the last.
· Symbolizing faith and trust with customers, SUCCESS BLUE.
Composing blue image of our society we live in through faith and trust with customers
Blue (C:93, M:78, Y:0, K:0 #0948b7)
Black (C:70, M:68, Y:64, K:74 #231f20)

· Exclusive logo of protection film for optics in 2nd Factory of Samdong Industry Co., Ltd
· Protection, Professional, and PP for Propylene and SAMDONG of Samdong Industry Combined

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