Samdong Industry
Camel Marking Samdong Industry has contributed greatly in the increase of farm income by producing and providingBalage(silo) films for farming, subsidiary materials for house, various films for mulching, and functional wide films based on accumulated technology and experience of producing farming films since 1976. The company promises to provide up-to-date farming films through continuous research and promises to play the role as best partner to improve quality of life and increase income of cultivation.
Film for House


  • Dover | Red Zone | Supplemental Lighting | Mountain Fog | Clear | Triple EVA | Triple | Center Fixed | Ventilation Skirt | New Gold | Gold Longevity | Jeju Longevity | Longevity | Thermal | Rain Cover | Basic PE | Black Shade
Film for Mulching


  • Green Mulching | Pinhole Film | Black | With String | HD/LD.LLD / Red Mulching Film
Other Agricultural Materials


  • House band | Repair Tape | House Pad | Film with String
Livestock Film


  • Silo