What is Protection film for Optics?
Protection film is known as protect film, masking film, or cover film. Self-adhesive protection films are different from general protection films that do not need extra glue. This kind of protection film is a film that protects various parts and materials used for construction material and IT products. The film is applied in cell phones, LCD, LED, electronic products, home appliances, construction materials, and interior materials. It is basically used to prevent contamination from the outside during long-term storage, transportation, or during manufacture process of various arts.
Samdong Industry’s ‘PROSAM’ protection film for optics satisfied the needs about perfect and high-functional protection films with no problems that become a cause of faulty according complexity and miniaturization. The film acquired free (low to high) adhesive level and thermal resistance while minimizing change on standing.
General demand property of protection film for optics
Item Demand Property Content Remark
1. Cast Film Compression Compression method optimizing protection film products for optics by minimizing film thickness and increasing stability,

High Quality compared to BLOWN product,
advantageous for producing high-functional adhesive products

2. Gel and substance Free Pressed faulty and prevention of white point occurrence General demanding specification of protection film product
3. Self-adhesive Protection film function through single procedure (transcriptional property superior compared to coating product) Coating product : FilmCompression + Coating procedure

  • Level 2 procedure
  • Self-Adhesive Product: Film Compression

Single procedure

4. Clean Room Equipmente Prevent defect from inflow of substances(prevent bugs/dust) Manage under 10,000 class
5. Filter System
/ Gel Detector

Prevent occurrence of Gel included in film by introducing Polymer Filter system

Remove tiny substances and establish GEL quality management system