Characteristic of CPP Protection Film
About Product
POM product which is CPP protection film is mainly made up of castedpolypropylene, it is produced in the best modern facility and clean room factory and excellent quality control. It has high manufacturing ability, heat-resistant and solvent resistance and high quality adhesive. POM product is composed up of 3 layer and each layer doesn’t have any special function but you can have one if you need.
Structure of CPP
CPP Film

POM Series

For protection of prism sheet

  • Standard : 40um, 65um, 80um
  • Haze : 70±5%
  • Characteristic
    1. Very Low Fish-eye
    2. Excellent coating capacity
Characteristic of Self-Adhesive Protection Film
About Product
Protection film protects various component material used in IT product or building product, it is used for preventing pollution from external when production, delivering and long term storage of optical IT products such as cell phone, LCD, LED and home appliance, building material.
“PROSAM” optical protection film of SAMDONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD came from requirement about high quality protection film of flawless about trans problem which is the reason of error according to IT component becomes complex and miniature, and it has free(low to high) adhesive level and thermal resistance and minimizing change on standing.
Self-Adhesive Film

Self-adhesive layer
: Usage of m-PE and Rubber kind adhesive is increasing according to change on standing

u adhesive classification : adhered material or adhesive condition

Structure of Self-Adhesive Film
Characteristic of Retort Pouch CPP
About Product
PPR GRADE, a product for retort, is casted CPP film which has excellent inner impact, thickness equality, sealing capacity and low/high temperature characteristic, and implementsoptimized mechanical quality.
CPP Structure of Retort Pouch CPP Film
CPP Retort Pouch

PPR Series

Retort Pouch for Lamination

  • Size : 60um, 70um, 80um, 100um
  • Haze : 70±10%
  • Characteristic 1. Impact Solidity ↑ 2. Superior sealing 3.Orange Peel ↓