Camel Mark Green Mulching Film
Transparent mulching effect that raises soil temperature by adding infrared lights from sunlight.Also reduces penetration rate to suppress the occurrence of weeds. This mulching film has the advantages of black mulching.
Characteristic of Product
  • Film that only has advantages of black mulching and transparent mulching.
  • This film can resolve soil temperature rising and suppression of weed.
  • The soil temperature raises more than 1~3℃ compared to black mulching. The initial growth of crop becomes better for increase in yield to bring forward shipment.
  • Cladding must be done after plowing the ground so that weed-suppression can be well-displayed.
  • Spread the surface well for cladding.

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Camel Mark Red Mulching Film
The light of the sun that reaches the surface of the ground is changed to red to surpass general functions that mulching has, which makes this next-generation film appropriate for growth acceleration of crops, quality increase of products, and preventing disease and insect! This film has the advantages of existing black mulching and green mulching films.
Applicable Red Mulching Film Crop
  • Fruits and Vegetables including Watermelon, Oriental melon, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Tomato, and etc.
  • Various edible herbs.
Special Merits of Red Mulching Film
  • Insulation, moisturizing, fertilization, weeding, and prevent disease and insects
Characteristic of Product
  • Increase in growth of crop
  • Quality(sugar content) Development of fruit juice> More effect shown in fruits and vegetables
    Minimize disease and insect (Especially root nematode suppression effect)
Camel Mark Strawberry Mulching Film
The black mulching film for strawberries is a product that emphasized economic convenience to reduce time when taking out seed and when observing strawberry seed after cladding.
Characteristic of Product
  • Reduces time of taking out seed and observing strawberry seed with eyes after cladding. This black mulching film was made for strawberries with the purpose to minimize the consumption of manpower.
  • Form root of strawberry seed, apply provision of air through ground, and maintain appropriate soil temperature needed for the crop.
  • Minimized high temperature obstacle during summer, and there is no difference in moisture retention and nutrient holding capacity compared to existing black mulching.
  • The property is similar to existing black mulching.
  • The suppression for weed occurrence is greater compared to transparent mulching film. The labor cost consumed for weeding is reduced. The product is appropriate for cold fruits crops like strawberries.
  • Make the ground of the surface as flat as possible and install film so that it contacts the surface.
  • Do not put too much energy because the produced part may rip when cladding.
  • Due to agricultural pesticides, film’s lifespan may be reduced. Please be cautious.
Camel Mark Black Film
Film for nutrient solution culture bed and for high altitude cool region/summer suppression. The film lowers soil temperature by reflecting the light to maintain humidity. It also restrains excessive dismantle of fertilizer ingredient.
Characteristic of Product
  • The soil temperature is 2~4℃ lower than transparent or black mulching film during summer. It controls the soil temperature to reduce heat injury.
  • The product is very effective when using on big crops (radish, cabbage, strawberry, mountain herb, cucumber, medicinal herbs….) during the summer as late raising of green house for rain covering use by using longevity or triple film.
Size of Product
Thicness (mm) Maximum width (cm) Remark
0.1 ~ 0.15 60 ~ 150 For nutrient solution culture
0.03 ~ 0.15 70 ~ 150(one shot) For mulching
  • For black mulching film, the white part shall be the surface after raining or after compilation for mulching.
  • The soil of the surface shall be spread without clods so that the film is close to the surface for cladding.
Camel Mark String Film
At each end of the film, string is placed for curtains, tunnel, and skirt. The film is convenient for installation and ventilation.
Item Name Thickness (mm) Maximum Width (single) Remark
One string (binder nylon) 0.05 ~ 0.06 50 ~ 40 Reduced 5cm in width
0.07 ~ 0.08 50 ~ 350
0.10 50 ~ 300
Double string (binder, nylon) 0.05 ~ 0,06 80 ~ 400 Reduced 10cm in width
0.07 ~ 0.08 80 ~ 350
0.10 80 ~ 300
Characteristic of Product
  • Installation is convenient.
  • Can reduce time during ventilation.
  • Blocks damage of ripping film during ventilation. Tangling is reduced compared to when using clip for waterspout and the period of use can be extended.
Camel Mark HD/LD.LLD Mulching
Effect for increase of soil temperature is good where weed occurrence is restrained to prevent loss of nutrients (hd coloration film)
Characteristic of Product
  • Transparent Film

Economic film with effects for increase of soil temperature and for preventing loss of soil.

  •  Black film

Film that has effect of suppressing weed occurrence, preventing evaporator, and stabilizing soil temperature

  •  Coloration film

The middle part is transparent and both ends are black. The transparent part increases soil temperature while the black parts suppress weed occurrence.

  • The film delays excessive decomposition of fertilizer ingredient within the soil to prevent loss of nutrients.
  • After growth of crops in the summer, the film stabilizes soil temperature and reduces the difference of day and night temperatures.