About Research Institution
About Research Institution
SamdongIndustry Co., Ltd., established institute of technology in 2008 to apprehend Needs of customer, to conduct study and development steadily and to excavate power for future development on the basis of professionalism accumulated in the area of film for agricultureand industry for about 40 years since establishment in 1970. We are doing various research and development in the area of film for agriculture and industry through endless technique innovation and will spare no effort for new technical development with passion and sprit to become a front-runner of technical skill on the center of changing market.
01.About Research Institute


Main field of studies are classified into 4 types which are for agriculture, industry, optic and food. And research, development is being promoted according to characteristics of each type.

  • Agricultural fieldis concentrating on developing special functional film for cultivating crops for special purpose.
  • Industrial fieldis concentrating on developing compound protection film using complex materials and on expansion developing self-adhesion film as the top production industry of film for industry in Korea.
  • Optical fieldis making an effort to import substitution of high functional protection film used on optical materials for LCD BLU and to export.
  • Food fieldis researching film which is appropriate for long-term storage as retort pouch products. As a lading major enterprise, we are trying hard to create customer value through research and development of a high value product by introducing new techniques.
02. Research Subject


  • Developing agricultural biodegradable film
  • Developing agricultural forcing culture induction type film
  • Developing agricultural forcing culture induction type film
  • Developing high functional self-adhesion film for LCD optics
03. Vision


  • Business competitiveness expansion through strategic research and development on the basis of investment order of priority
    Development to the top film producing enterprise in Korea through establishment of research and development tactic grounded on principle of “Selection and Concentration
  • Promoting research and development tactic of integrated view point
    Promoting effective research and development task based on technique which is available now.
  • Innovation to excellent company through establishment of cooperation between production and cooperative departments & main body of research, TFT improvement and process renovation
  • Promoting quick reaction system against process problem and promoting technique guidance system
    Joining in the line of global excellent company of creating customer satisfaction and value through promoting steady problem solving and improving system