Green House Band / Pad
band – Outstanding property used to tie green house that is not easily damaged in low/high temperature
Pad – Special film pad used to protect damage of film when installing green house
Characteristic of Band
  • Can be used 2-3 times because durability is strong.
  • Because it has no elasticity, the band prevents the film from inflating, and also widely reduces damage from strong wind and snow.
  • When tightening the band, the film may become wrinkled to reduce durability and water flow phenomenon. The band should be loose.
Characteristic of Pad
  • Special additives are added to the carefully selected PE raw material for strong weatherproof function.
  • When attaching green house clip, using the clip after cutting it to proper size will help protection effect of film.
Repair Tape
Agricultural repair tape with outstanding weatherproof function and adhesion.
Characteristic of Product
  • The green house tape that used special adhesion has outstanding weatherproof function and adhesive strength for long lifespan.
  • The product is not sensitive to temperature change and has good compatibility that can be used on any film of our company’s product.
  • Wipe the water off of the green house with dry cloth, then attach for better effect.