Silo Film for Packing
Film for packing prevents loss of nourishment of fresh herbs and makes it possible to ferment effectively keeping moisture properly through immediate wrapping round bale package (rice, corn, barley, reed and grass etc.) and increases storage stability, conservativeness of contents.
Characteristic of Product
  • Very suitable for wrapping production methods, unlike conventional film horizontal / vertical stretch a balance of strength, tensile strength, excellent when fires do occur significantly less lapping low gas permeable packing.
  • With excellent weather resistance and contractility is high permanence of contents.
  • Strong tensile strength and excellent adhesion to increase the quality and reliability palatability.
Standard of Product
Color Thickness (mm) Width (cm) Length (m) Remark
White/Black 0.025 / 0.03 50 / 75 1.500
  • . Please keep out of direct sunlight and serve at room if available and keep temperature under 38℃. Lifespan of film can be shortened according to storage condition, temperature and climate.
  • Be careful thoroughly not to damage film scroll when taking out from box.
  • Please wrap it enough to prevent water permeation.
  • Put it horizontally when store film. If you set film vertically for a long time, middle of film can stick out and it can be unable to use.
  • Please wrap contents enough to be covered by adhesion side.
  • Please use it within 1 year since purchase.
  • Be careful about damaging from rat or bird after wrapping; seal it immediately by tape if there is a hole.
  • Avoid using in winter season which is from November to March because adhesive strength and tensile strength can be weaken.